KCB Kidfest 2006
The 11th annual Kidfest – a free day of games, fun and safety education for the entire family – was a big success! More than 400 children plus their families enjoyed fun games and prizes, as well as learned important lessons in safety, at Kearney’s Lion Memorial Park on August 5.

We would like to thank representatives from the Kearney Fire District, Kearney Police Department, the Clay County Health Department, volunteers for Ident-A-Kid as well as countless others, including KCB employees and their family and friends who volunteered their time and energy to making this event a success.

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How does a kid go from zero to sixty dollars in nothing flat? By steering pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars into a savings account designed exclusively by KCB. Meet Rod, Windy and Checkers, members of our SpeedSavers™ team, who will help you get started in the race to save. So, get ready to join us in the Winner's Circle.

Objective: Take the lead and cruise into the Winner's Circle where prizes are awarded.

How to play: Open a SpeedSavers™ account and you're ready to start the race to save. Your first race is the Kearney 100. You begin at the starting line and receive a stamp for every $5 saved. Once a driver has saved $100 and completed the Kearney 100 a prize is awarded and the driver gets ready to start the Kearney 250. The stakes are raised in the Kearney 250, followed by the Kearney 500, where racers receive a stamp for every $10 saved. Prizes are awarded based on actual account balance. Withdrawals are noted on official quarterly statements.


  • Finish the Kearney 100 and win cool SpeedSavers™ stickers.
  • Finish the Kearney 250 and win a nifty SpeedSavers™ wrist pouch.
  • Finish the Kearney 500 and win a special prize.

No minimum balance is required to maintain or open the account. You may make three withdrawals per month, nine per statement cycle. Additional withdrawals will be charged $2 each. Interest Rates are compounded and credited quarterly on this account.

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