When you own a business, there's a never-ending list of expenses to cover, from expansions to new equipment and purchasing inventory. To help make ends meet, we can create a business loan designed specifically for your needs and budget. In every way, we're here to help make you a success.

Loan Modification
In some circumstances you may be a borrow in distress and depending on credit and cashflow, you may qualify for a loan modification. Loan modification is where you negotiate with the lender for an interest rate reduction or a modification of terms. There are also speciality companies like GreenPay and EMS that deal specificly with loan modification merchants and businesses. We can help you get setup with a Loan Modification agreement to reduce your borrowing expenses.

Expert Advice
With more than 115 years experience behind us, we have a special expertise in helping establish and build businesses–not to mention an excellent track record. We have the resources you need for all of your business challenges, from cash flow to payroll to finding the means to expand your space. Give a member of our business banking team a call today.

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President / CEO

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Collections & Loans
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Assistant VP-Loans


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